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Download roblox: there is a platform that surpasses the number of visits of children and teenagers on You Tube and Netflix. This is Roblox, a technological development that has trapped the members of the so-called Generation Z. Which in a few years will replace the famous millennia. Let’s explain here how to download roblox and what you need to play roblox.

Roblox is an online multiplayer gaming platform where users can create and share their own virtual worlds and games. That can generate economic benefits for their developers when they become popular. 90% of the company’s profits come from the sale of “Robux,” a virtual currency that allows users to buy several virtual items within the game.

According to Forbes, more than 2 million children and teens created a Roblox experience in 2017. Compared to 1 million the year before. In addition, these 2 million users have created 11 million titles. This platform has found great acceptance in the Z generation, as it makes children and teenagers stop being passive consumers. Start and develop their own games with which they can earn some money with fun.

Before downloading roblox, what is this game?

roblox download

The Roblox imagination platform is a space for children and teenagers to create immersive 3D worlds. It is available free of charge on all smartphone and tablet operating systems. It has its web and VR version as it is available for the virtual reality devices Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Also can be played on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console.

Roblox is based on a system developed by founders David Baszucki and Eric Cassell to help students learn the basics of physics. They recognized the creativity of users, the need for interaction and the importance of immersion spaces. And so they became an offer that offers a variety of games.

The platform focuses on education and entrepreneurship. All experiences with Roblox are done by the developer community (which in some cases generate more than $2 million per year), and the tool focuses heavily on programming learning. Developers use Roblox Studio software (based on a programming language called Lua).

For children who are interested in creating their own games, Roblox offers many instructions, tutorials, and a community of collaborating players. Creators can get financial benefits for their games, both by charging people to play their games and by offering in-game purchases, which is usually necessary to advance the games.

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Is Roblox a dangerous game for my kids?

Roblox has the potential to be a learning program similar to Minecraft, but it has its drawbacks. Since all content is user-generated, children can come into contact with content of all kinds, but most of them are suitable for pre-teens and teens. A good part is simply annoying, like advertising and the incessant demand for the “Robux”, the currency of the Roblox game.

And a small part is very disturbing, such as abusive behavior and user forums where there is explicit sexual content. However, by paying attention to warning signs, privacy settings, and other safety precautions, children can have a good playing experience with Roblox. The key is to understand how it works and how your children can use it safely. Learn more about the pros and cons of this exciting, creative and powerful multiplayer video game.

How much does Roblox cost?

Roblox uses a Freemium model. You can do many things in Roblox for free, such as play many games and use the Roblox Studio Game Generator. But to do something beyond the essentials, like animate the avatar or buy and trade weapons, you need Robux. The company offers several subscription models as part of its Developer Club membership program: The “Classic” costs $5.95 per month or $57.95 per year; the “Turbo” costs $11.95 per month or $85.95 per year; and the “Extravagant” is the most expensive, $19.95 per month or $129.95 per year. You will receive a certain amount of Robux daily, depending on your subscription level.

download roblox

What do you need to play Roblox?

Before download Roblox, you should verify the requirements for playing roblox. The following are the minimum system requirements for Roblox. If you are having trouble playing, you may need to upgrade your computer. Read this help article on system requirements for mobile devices.

Operating System Requirements

  • PC/Windows: Roblox is installed on Windows XP, but for best performance we recommend Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10. For Windows 8 / 8.1 you must run Roblox in desktop mode, as Metro mode (the mosaic start screen) is currently not supported.
  • Mac: Roblox is installed from 10.7 (Lion) – and only on Intel Mac.
  • Linux: Roblox is not compatible with Linux.
  • Mobile: Click here for Roblox Mobile system requirements.
  • Chrome OS: Chrome OS version 53 or later is required and you must first enable the Google Play Store on your device.

System Requirements

  • Graphics card: Roblox requires at least DirectX 9 and Shader Model 2.0. For optimum performance we recommend a computer less than 5 years old with a special graphics card or a laptop less than 3 years old with an integrated graphics card.
  • Processor: Roblox recommends a current processor (2005+) with a clock speed of 1.6 Ghz or higher. There were some problems with older AMD processors.
  • RAM or Memory: Roblox recommends having at least 1 GB of memory on computers running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. For Windows XP, a minimum of 512 MB is recommended.
  • Storage: Roblox recommends that you have at least 20 MB of space on your system to install Roblox.
  • Mobile: Click here for Roblox Mobile system requirements.

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How to download Roblox

Roblox is available on most platforms, including Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and Xbox One. You can also play Roblox on Chromebook. Roblox even offers a range of characters for imaginative offline games.

Depending on our operating system, the installation will be done one way or another. You can get Roblox for free by following the steps below to download and install it:

  • Step 1: Go to the official video game page. The first thing you have to do is log into the game’s website and log in. If you don’t have an account yet, you can quickly create one. This way you can take advantage of all the benefits.
  • Step 2: Select the platform. Once we are logged in, you can select the game and platform of your choice. Depending on what we want to play, we will have to choose one or the other.
  • Step 3: Start downloading. When you select the platform on which you want to install the game, a window will open in which you can download and install Roblox. At this point we have to wait until the game is fully installed.
  • Step 4: Enjoy it. Finally, once the program is installed, it will open automatically and we will be able to play with the device we have chosen without any problem.

Roblox is more than a game

Roblox is an international platform for fashionable online games. So it’s easy to see it as a single game, but it’s actually a platform. This means that people who use Roblox create their own games that others can play. Visually it looks like a marriage of LEGO and Minecraft.

Users can also create private groups or servers to play privately with friends, chat in forums, create blogs and share objects with other users. For children under 13, activity is more limited.

Roblox consists of three main components: the games, the virtual sales catalog and the design studio to create and upload the content you create.

Different games have different goals. For example, the game Jailbreak is a virtual game of policemen and thieves where you can choose whether you are a policeman or a criminal. In any case, BITSC offers you free roblox accounts with robux.

Tycoon Restaurant allows you to open and manage a virtual restaurant. Fairies and Mermaids Winx High School allows virtual fairies to learn how to perfect their magical skills.

You can find more information about roblox here.