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He’s been with us a long time, but Roblox download has become one of the phenomena everyone talks about in the world of video games. In fact, it has recently been confirmed that this title has reached 90 million users a month worldwide. Roblox download free in all platforms.

A true achievement that is only accessible to a few games. It seems that the media power of Roblox, which triumphs between children and not so children, is increasingly willing to compete with other titles like Fortnite or Minecraft, with which it has certain similarities.

roblox download

Roblox Download free

If you’re interested in developing games or having access to millions of completely free titles, there’s no doubt you’d like to download Roblox. Currently, the title platform is available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, as well as the Xbox One console. If you’re a PS4 user, you’ll have to wait a while for Roblox to enter the Sony device.

The Roblox client takes up very little space (about 2 MB). And can be downloaded from its official website or, if you wish, comfortably and securely on these lines.

What is Roblox?

The American studio Roblox Corporation launched it as Open Beta in 2006. This title allows users to create their own worlds and mini-games from various Lego style pieces and enjoy those developed by others. There is no goal at all. There is no end, no goal. All you have to do is build, explore and let go. According to the project’s official website, more than 5 million creators have designed everything from racing tracks where original cars compete to complex fantasy universes waiting to be discovered. These “world builders” are the ones who made the game a success 13 years after its launch.

Roblox’ slow success can be explained by five reasons:

The first would be its multiplayer character, which turns it into a mix of social networks and video games for users to enjoy online games together.

The second would be the ability to play without restrictions on almost any platform, from Xbox One to mobile phones, PCs and tablets.

Thirdly, as it is free, its entry barrier is minimal, although it also includes in-game purchases, i.e. the possibility of buying several objects with money that, for example, allow changing the appearance of the character.

The fourth is that it had the complicity of the popular Youtubers, who drew attention to the game.

And finally, the fifth is that it is a children’s game with a strong position in child protection.


This is the “game of games”.

In fact, Roblox could be considered a metagame. A game of games – the catalogue is huge – designed by the developers of Roblox, but also by the users themselves. One of the most popular, MeepCity, places players in a virtual world playing in an institute. It reminds a bit of the Sims phenomenon. Although the latter, much more sophisticated and without this creative ambition, was aimed at a larger audience.

In Roblox there is also an internal virtual currency, Robux. Which is acquired mainly through the exchange of real coins, but everything is aimed at children. Most of their players, say their creators, are at least in the United States between the ages of 9 and 12. Exploring, talking, staying and creating an identity in these virtual worlds that is almost as real as the one they have outside the videogame.

Roblox is a free game on every platform it’s available, and one of them is Android. If you knew it before, it’s probably due to its computer version. Which collects the most videos and plays them on platforms like YouTube or Twitch. Like so many other video games, there is also a version for Android mobile devices. And we can enjoy it in a way that would not otherwise be possible, both on smartphones and tablets.

Roblox for Android

In mobile devices we can only play, but not create. The Recommended section, in ROBLOX for Android, gathers for us the list of the most popular games. We can access others by manually searching our interests, or by manually accessing them alone or with a friend. But the most common thing is to take advantage of this list of recommended games. Because in this way we will find other people playing in the same environment. And the topics are very broad, here ROBLOX really shows that it is a “game of games” almost without limits.

In the version for mobile devices we have all the fun of accessing worlds already created. With a control a little more uncomfortable, since the keys are tactile, although we can use a keyboard that connects to the mobile phone and the corresponding mouse. But all the fun is there, just lack the content creation tool to enjoy the full experience. That, and that the video game adapts to the new screen formats. Because in our Samsung Galaxy S10+ we couldn’t enjoy it in full-screen mode, but with black tapes.

You can find more about Roblox here.

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